Yiaku Laikipiak Trust (YLT) was founded in the year 2000 and officially registered in the year 2003. Since inception, YLT’s long term priority is the revival of Yiaku language, Protection of Mukogodo Forest, Indigenous Knowledge and livelihood support for the Yiaku people. The Yiaku People are a Cushitic tribe that migrated from Ethiopia in 14th Century and settled in Mukogodo Forest in Laikipia North District in Kenya. The Yiaku People are a minority indigenous community with a population of less than 4,000 people.

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To see a society whereby the rights of indigenous minority communities are respected and their culture, habitat and environment is preserved for posterity.

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Creating an environment for the Yiaku to enjoy their fundamental rights hence improved livelihoods.

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1. To protect the Mukogodo Forest Ecosystem and promote livelihood activities.

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2007 Laikipia,Kenya

Training of development of P3DM Map for Mukogodo Forest .

Funded by:Shalinlry Finland
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Water project

2006 Doldol

The construction of a rock water catchment plant.

Funded by:UNESCO
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2016-2017 Laikipia,Kenya

Implemented a project to educate and eradicate female genital mutilation amongst the yiaku girls.

Funded by:Amplify-Change(UK)

The Yiaku language is not recognized by Government. We call upon the government to put into place programmatic activities that will enable the use of indigenous languages and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in line with the goal, Education for Sustainable Development, hence pave way of a bi-cultural approach in education and increase literacy levels in the community

Only three elders who are all above 85 years old can speak the language fluently, it is imperative that their traditional knowledge be tapped and documented before they get any older

Guaranteed Forest tenure will create enthusiasm and a new spirit of ownership and protection of Mukogodo Forest

Ongoing Projects

This are some of the ongoing projects being implemented by Yiaku Laikipiak Trust

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Yiaku Cultural Meseum

Ongoing Laikipia,Kenya

To document Yiaku language and culture by way elicitation sessions hence intergenerational transfer of language and culture from the elderly to the youth

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Film Documentary

Ongoing Laikipia,Kenya

A film documentary showing how climate change has affected the livelihoods of the Yiaku community

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Community Dialogues

Starting 19th JAN 2019 Nadung'oro

Dialogues on climate change in Laikipia and role of women in decision making.

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Online Shop

Honey products and beads artifacts made by the Yiaku Tribesmen as an alternative Income generating project for sustainance of their livelihoods.